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Current Standings

It was a a thrilling 2nd round as the contestants were lined up to play the next game.....DEBATE

They were pitted against each other to valiantly defend their fandoms.

Andy had to defend Life is Strange and Final Fantasy

Kathleen defended Nancy Drew and Harry Potter

Nick had to defend Lord of the Rings and Mass Effect

The results + a little extra point finding has led the standings to where they are now.


Care for a Friendly Wager?

As we enter into a new phase of Gatekeeper let's spice things up.

From now until July, Message me with some predictions on game outcomes (i.e. "next game, X will happen", "x competitor will end up second") and provide how much you would like to bet. More specific bets will yield higher returns. There is a 5 prediction limit per player.

Highly likely predictions(i.e. "Player 1 will laugh at a joke") will not be accepted and is at the discretion of the organizer. 


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